I am not able to find any job. What to do?

For the past 6 months I have been unemployed. I graduated with bachelor degree in math earlier this year, but could not find any job. I applied way too many places but never heard back anything

I now apply for $8 to $9 an hour jobs, and i get rejected from such jobs too. These jobs require no education or the education they require is not more than high school. But i still don't get hired.

I am going broke and have credit card bills and loans to take care of. From next month I will not be able to pay them, if everyone refuses to hire me. It seems I will have to file bankruptcy the way things are going. I have put whatever i could on ebay, including my computer, digital camera, printer, dvd player, microwave, etc etc but nobody buys it.

What to do? Please advise.


I live in Virginia. I have not even been to one single interview in the past 6 months. I have no idea why they never respond.

I got my resume reviewed and critiqued by the career services in my university

Update 2:

skan5: yes you can ask for help in math. i used to be a top contributor in the math section of yahoo answers. but i lost the top contributor tag due to inactivity.

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    Do you get calls for interviews? Maybe in the interviews try to be happy and not too anxious (even though it's really hard).

    get the book "What color is your parachute?" if you're just sending resumes.

    move back home if you can.

    Ok. The least effective form of getting employment is sending resumes out. If you want to keep doing that, then learn how to do a great cover letter... they should also be sent.

    Next you need to follow up with each company by phone. You call them, ask them if they have received your resume...

    It's really depressing to get hired I know.. I'm still unemployed after a month.

    The best advice I have is to get a manual labor job right now. They are easy to get.. just go to a temp agency like labor works.

    While you are working, read up on how to write better resumes, cover letters, how to interview, etc. Buy the book above.

    Source(s): I'm unemployed too :)
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    Try going to a moving company and applying there. I started working there just out of high making 10 an hour but that was because i was season. Tell them you want to be a full time helper and they may hire starting up to $15 an hour. Moving company's almost always need people. If you get hired there, just keep applying to any job that a math major could get. You could also Try being a temp at a middle school or highschool.

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    I was going to say maybe your resume needs to be reviewed but you did that thru your university. You might have heard this before but companies aren't hiring since the crash but another reason for your unemployment might be that your over qualified for the job and employers don't want to pay too much for a degree holder.

    How do you compose yourself during an interview? Are you an interesting person? do you smile, do you make eye contact? Do you follow up after an interview?

    Try the hotel bussiness the always seem to be hiring but not in your field.

    Hey if I have problems with my math can i ask you for help?

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    You didn't mention what city you live in. Try looking in a city that is close to you and larger than the city you are in. Also, look at schools for teaching positions, since you have a math degree. I'm about to graduate in December, so I know how hard it is to find a job. It sucks bad, but just stay positive and keep looking hard.

    Also, doesn't the university you graduated from have a career services department? They will still help you. You helped pay their salaries.

    Good Luck

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    Not too sure what kinda jobs you have previously applied, but if you have had your requirements set too high, perhaps it's time to lower them, in terms of salary and position.

    Time now is really bad,especially the job market. It is going to be tougher next year. So,if you do not do some self-adjustment now, you're gonna feel a hard pinch next year. Then subsequently you're gonna put your apartment on ebay too.

    Also,perhaps your attitude during interview has to change as well. Your resumes as well.

    How I usually select candidates for interviews,I'd usually screen their resumes first. Will throw away those that're too short,too lengthy,and templated ones. You have to sound confident of your capability in the words and put yourself in an interviewee's shoe - If you are looking at 100-500 resumes everyday, what could make yours stands out?

    Then during Interviews,it's a different ballgame. CONFIDENCE is the keyword,if you r going for Sales and Managerial positions. KNOWLEDGE for admin and engineering and more hands-on positions.

    For no-brainer positions,I suggest you hide your qualification. If I am the hirer,I wouldn't want to hire a superman to sweep the office for me and risk him/her asking for more pay 2 days in the job.

    Hope these help.

    Have fun.

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    i was normal student at school or college ,since i left the college i read every newspaper falls in my hand looking for jobs ,i had like 10 interviews and my college send me also jobs offers were not that good so u have to take some kind of course first and pay for it i did not like either want to pay for more studying or study more however one of my friends advice me to put my c.v on the internet which was normal c.v than i had like a lots of offers till one day someone called me at home arranging an interview it was not good jobs it asks for qualifications that less than my abilities and i accepted of course but i cried every day but i handled it i really hated that job but one day for the right job came it is not specialist which is english literature i worked in appraisal department it is nice job with good salary


    i know u want a fast solution for that u can work in place as temp job till u pay all the bills so u can have some time to find another decent job



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    If your not getting interviews, then something must be wrong with your application/resume/cover letter. Revise them till you get interviews, then work on your interview skills. Just don't give up. There are jobs out there to do.

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    1 decade ago

    learn how to present yourself. kind of like how to sell yourself to the company. i feel sorry for you but walmart and best buy are hiring for assistant manager immediately so apply there. until then take out a loan or borrow from your family to pay off your bills, and dont mess up your credit history!

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