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Why does noone take me seriously?

Ok i am 10 and no one takes me seriouswly and before you say that is because you are a child i am not!!!! everyone says go play with your barbies but like seriously what dope 10 year old plays with there barbs. NOT ME i want everyone to take me seriously i WANT TO BE AN ADULT i want a hottie boyfriend i want to party and i want BOOBS!!

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    u r jus 10!!!! enjoy ur chilhood while u can..

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    You're at a difficult age, sweetie. You're not a teenager yet but you're growing out of kiddish stuff like dolls and things. I know it's frustrating that people still treat you like a child, but unfortunately that's probably how lots of people still see you. If you want to change that, you can start by trying to act more mature. And I don't mean partying and talking to boys - I mean REAL maturity. Do your chores without having to be asked, take on some extra ones, ask your parents about their day at work, stuff like that. Yeah, it sounds boring, but that's pretty much how it is when you're an adult. Stuff gets boring :)

    And about the partying...honestly, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I've been there myself, and you know what I have to show for it? Nothing but a bunch of nights where I acted like a complete idiot and everyone laughed at me. AT me, just like kids at school who make fun of people. And I can never take that back. You don't want to be "that drunk girl" it will get you nowhere, believe me!

    Maybe you could ask your Mom to let you start messing around with makeup. You can get girlish, cute stuff at wal mart like Bon Bons and stuff like that for a couple of dollars. Put away your toys in storage, maybe ask if you can have some more gornw-up stuff to decorate your room with.

    Hope that helped some...

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    sweetie, you are 10 years old. There is no one who is going to take you seriously, you really shouldn't worry about sex, having boobs, and about partying. There will be plenty of time for that when you get older. I have a little brother that is only 2 years older than you so I kinda know what you are going threw. And tell you sister that she shouldn't be having sex either, she is going to end up pregnant and she isn't going to be able to to take care of it.

    Please stay a kid as long as you can, sex isn't something you need to know about, it isn't healthy for your mind.

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    Being an adult sucks. You have to work in crap jobs, for bad money, and pay taxes and do your own housework. And when you get boobs you get your period too, and that can be really awful.

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    Go play with your barbies.

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