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Is this French and if so what does it mean?

I have a cute little wooden box with six blue bottles in it that I use as little vases.

The box says on it 'Plage des sables d'or'

I'm thinking it's French, can anyone tell me what it means?

Thanks :)

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    "Plage des Sables d'Or" means "Beach of gold sands". It`s the name of a small beach town near Chambre-d'Amour, Aquitaine (France).

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    The X

    must be right! i put 'Plage des sables d'or' in google and it says 'Sand Beach Gold'

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    It is French and means ' Beach of Gold Sands'

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    Beach of the sands of gold.

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  • yea i think it is french it means 'Beach of sands'

    but there is a possiblity of it being german if it is it would mean Troubles of the sables

    sorry i am no more of a help

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  • B_boy
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    Yes, im pretty sure its french and it is a name of a place in france...

    Hope this helps

    P.S Google it, there is alot of info.

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