To be saved do you have to go to church?

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    Huge numbers of people have been saved by going into a church building where the gospel was faithfully preached. The Church is the Body of Christ, comprised of believers who are anointed with the Holy Spirit. Christ is the head of that invisible Church. Anyone who seeks salvation but does not seek fellowship with fellow saints, and to worship God corporately and publicly, is showing gross disrespect for Jesus Christ.

    So the answer to your question is that you can be saved by going to a church (where the gospel is preached), but as the Church of God is comprised of believers, then wherever those believers are, the gospel can be conveyed in word and deed by them individually. Therefore, you could be in your garden, or at work, or shopping, or in hospital, come across a Christian who points you to Christ, and be saved via that contact. Once saved, Satan's damage-limitation strategy is to stop that babe in Christ growing to spiritual maturity as part of a visible congregation of believers. Hence today's appalling attitudes to 'church', even by professing believers who have been duped by Satan into thinking they can rubbish the church as unnecessary.

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    No you do not have to go to church to be saved. But, Jesus tells us that we are to associate with other Christians, study His word, be a part of the church after all this is the Temple of God. And Christians should have a desire to be in the House of God.

    Find a church where you can fill the Spirit of God flowing. Where all of the people join in together while praising and worshiping God through

    Christian music.

    Pray and He will guide you.

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    Being saved means you recognise your need of a Saviour, in Jesus Christ, and ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you and dwell in your heart by the Holy Spirit. Then you try to live a life of love and service to Him in response to saving you. Attending church is part of that response, but is not an essential ingredient of the saving process itself.

    You go to church to learn, to share with others, to praise God in a group setting. Find a church that is solidly Bible-based and has a good support network of people your own age.

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    In my bedroom with all of my heart I said

    Jesus I am a sinner.

    I believe You died On the cross and

    You rose from the dead

    Please forgive my sins Jesus

    Come into my heart Jesus

    Thank You Jesus

    And all of the sudden I felt so much peace and love it was Awesome

    And Jesus Gave me the knowledge that

    I would live forever with Him.

    What a relief.

    I have a personal relationship with Jesus

    And Jesus is the best

    I don't belive in religion.

    I follow Jesus and obey the Holy Spirit the best I can.

    I talk to Christians in fellowship. Hebrew 10 v 25

    25Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching.

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    I assume by saved you mean being reborn. The Church is the body of Christ. we go to church to build ourselves as Christians, to fellowship with other beleivers, to praise the Lord, to learn more about Jesus. I would say a person needs to go to Church to learn more and to become more stronger. in the worls we live in today - there is so much temptations and darkness, that one needs to go to Church to keep your feet standing strong. Its only for like 2 hours a week. People expect God to be there for them 24/7 and we cant even spend 2 hours a week praising and thanking him?

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    you are only saved if you confess your a sinner, deny satan, and believe christ forgave you for all your sins. what they call a church in the bible is not a building. the church is a metaphor for all the believers. god never wanted ppl to build solid structures for worship.. he made moses put up a tent that was carried from place to place. he told david that he would build a temple through his seed, but it wasn't solomon he was talking about, it was jesus.. and jesus created a spiritual church with the believers. All churches today are built on a man-made beliefs and are therefore fake because they deny christ's power when they say you have to do this, and this and not do this- in order to get to heaven. salvation comes from belief in christ, not works or following rules because we've already been forgiven. if we truly asked for forgiveness and accepted that we've forgiven for everything, we'd be so grateful we'd automatically want to do what's right.

  • Just my opinion, but I felt "saved" when I quit going to church and started thinking for myself. Doesn't mean you can't believe in the same God, it just makes it easier to form your own opinions on what the Bible means and what God intends for your life.

    I go to a Unitarian Universalist Church, which says that each person has the right and the responsibility to follow their own spiritual path. I attend services with Atheists, Pagans, Buddhists, Christians (both Protestant and Catholic), and Daoists. It makes my spiritual path my own, rather than following someone else like a robot. I don't think anyone's God really wants that.



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    You dont HAVEo do anything. Church is Gods house where Christians usually get thier messages and inspiration and when Gods saint gather in one place and life up his name. Have you heard the saying 1 can run 1000 demons, but 2 10,000 demons out. Just a saying, now think about 20 or 10,000 christians in one place NICE RIGHT! But yah you dont have to do anything, but just make sure you pray to God and see what he says. AND MEMBER THIS!, NOTHING NOTHING IS AN ACCIDENT. Like coincidences Everything that happens happens for a reason. =)

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    No you do not. You can get saved right now. The Bible says that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together with other Christians to encourage and help each other. But the church in Paul's day were meeting of Christians and their brothers and sisters in Christ were in individual homes.

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    The only thing connected with religion that you can save is your money of you stay away from those churches.

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