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So where are the jobs? ?

For the past 6 months I have been unemployed. I graduated with bachelor degree in math earlier this year, but could not find any job. I applied way too many places but never heard back anything

I now apply for $8 to $9 an hour jobs, and i get rejected from such jobs too. These jobs require no education or the education they require is not more than high school. But i still don't get hired.

I am going broke and have credit card bills and loans to take care of. From next month I will not be able to pay them, if everyone refuses to hire me. It seems I will have to file bankruptcy the way things are going. I have put whatever i could on ebay, including my computer, digital camera, printer, dvd player, microwave, etc etc but nobody buys it.

What to do? Please advise.


my parents and friends tried very hard but could not find anything either

Update 2:

I live in Virginia

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    Bachelors in what? because i think your major is off and your location

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    What about being a math teacher or tutor? Also, what about being an accountant of some kind? I don't know how to do it, but maybe you could take the classes and be a tax preparer - income tax time is coming up soon! I'm sorry, a lot of people are coming out of college and have been unable to find a job. The jobs that you are applying for that pay very little will probably not hire you because they consider you over experienced or over educated - they know that when a better job comes along in your field, you will go to it and leave them. You should be able to apply to be an assistant manager though. Oh, by the way, have you gone to your unemployment office to see if they have anything? What about temp agencies? You may also try insurance companies - they seem to always need claims people. It may not be what you want to do but at this point, anything is better than nothing. Good luck!

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    In my area, there are plenty of jobs in the health care industry and companies looking for truck drivers. My community college was looking for professors in September for most fields. Some community colleges will accept someone with a bachelor's degree as long as they work towards a master's. Our schools are always looking for teachers (I live in a large city). There is also plenty of jobs for machinists, they want experience but a math background would get you a job.

    Best of luck! I've been unemployed for 2 weeks now. I don't have the education that you do but I have 20 years experience in my field. I'll be able to find something but it'll be a cut in pay from what I'm used to.

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    That sounds like a terrible situation and I am sorry that your degree hasn't opened doors as fast as you would have hoped.

    What kinds of jobs have you applied for? Retail jobs might be very hard to get because of the struggling economy. Retail earnings are likely to fall causing less places to hire and more places to lay off, making it hard to get a job in those areas. If you are really considering a retail job, consider places that are doing well now like Wal-mart (their sales have gone up slightly because more people are choosing to shop their than other, more expensive places).

    I am not sure what kind of jobs a Math major can get. You should look that up if you don't already know but I have a feeling you do know.

    You might consider perhaps tutoring or TAing for math either privately, for a school, or for a tutoring company. It pays decently and should tie you over until you can get a better job using your degree. You may want to consider heading to a local community college or some place similar; they usually offer free career counseling if you're a student or an alumni and that might help you find more options.

    Best of luck!

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    I am so sorry. I would have even suggested an actuary job yet I have seen a drastic decline in jobs in my city. I think this is just the beginning actually and you are and will not be alone. Let your school loan company know you can not find a job, usually they will work with you and defer your loan even up to a year. I would go online and apply for anything and everything- look at government jobs as most will train you if you have a bachelor degree. Best of luck to you!

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    If you have a bachelor's in math, you should be able to crunch some numbers for somebody. You may consider seeing if you can get some grad school student loans and perhaps get a math-teaching degree, takes less than 2 years and there's about a million openings for math teachers, they can't get nearly enough people to teach math, it's a dependable job. The student loans would help you get through and you could probably get a job (and some experience that will help) working for the university while you're going to school. Also, look into private school teaching and math tutoring for some extra income, that could also help.

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    God I hate to see someone with such a useful degree not have a job. Ticks me off.

    Honestly, off the top of my head I can think of a couple of things.

    One, going to an officer recruiter and see if you can get a deal where they pay for your graduate degree and you serve a few years. My cousin got a bachelors in Physics and the Air Force paid him to get his masters in Nuclear Engineering. Now he works in Civilian clothes at what us other military people call a "funny group". Needless to say he just bought his own house and is very well off.

    Two, try to get a job teaching. They don't pay very well if you don't have a "teaching degree" though.. which I think is stupid because my sister teaches and she can't add her way out of a tuna can. You could try tutoring... You know well how many folks suck at Math. There is a big market for that.

    Waiter/bartender is good for money in your pocket right away as well. There are always places looking for people to do crummy waiting jobs.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors friend.

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    leave out your degree and college experience. on the apps never tell them you are extremely for anything only pick middle of the road answers. take any job you can get.

    here is what i suggest.

    get 3X5 cards. only put your name a contact phone number and employment references. make about 30 of these. go to the industrial part of town. park your car at on end and walk up one side dropping a card off at every door and then make your way back on the opposite side of the street going back to your car dropping a card off at every door. tell the person who takes the card that you are looking for a job and give this to the person in the personnel office. then leave. the next day go in and ask about a job. tell them you will be back tomorrow at a certain time. make sure you show up at that time. go back to everyplace you left a card every couple days. one of two things will happen they will tell you to get lost or they will hire you. what usually happens is that a person they have been wanting to get rid of called in sick or came in late again and you get their place.

    Source(s): if you cannot find a job in a certain amount of time then you may have to change locations. there are times when that happens. if you cannot make a living where you are located then you will have to relocate to a place where there are jobs and you can make a living..
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    Try a tax office like H&R block. Tax season is just around the corner. I am single and unemployed too. You may be able to get assistance with food at least. I get a minimal amount of food stamps and I do not have children.

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    The fault is not yours. The US economy is in a recession which is about to become a depression. General Motors, AIG, etc etc are getting billions in bailout but YOU and others like you will not get one bit of help from government. Not even 1 cent bailout you will get!

    So deal with it!

    Janitors are getting hired daily. Apply for it!

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    Good luck. I also have a bachelors and over 12 years of experience, I have been searching everyday and can't get a new job either.

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