I'm sick and tired of the people at school?

I'm sick and tired of school, particular the students. They are just raving idiots who really irritate me. They call me names and I really do find it annoying but I finding out they, as a person just really irritate me. Please give advice on how to deal with them as well as how wind down after a day because I still think about school when it's hours later!

Please help!!!

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    All you can do is ignore them. Don't show emotion to what their saying, because when they realise that it's not having an affect on you they'll eventually stop because their not going the reaction they wanted.

    Don't let it affect you, those kids are just bored and want to cause some fun but ribbing you so just ignore it is the best way.

    If it affects you as you go home, just do something you enjoy, do something that makes you happy. Go play with your family, watch a movie, read a book. What ever it is that is YOUR happy place.

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    Do you respond to them? Honestly the best suggestion I can give you is to just ignore them, don't even grace them with an expression or words. Simply pretend that they do not exist and they'll usually feel pretty silly afterward. It's a common method used with internet trolls, you ignore them and they get tired of talking to themselves so they leave.

    I think how old all of you are also plays an important role. I used to get picked on in middle school but it steadily got better as my class grew older.

    For winding down? Take comfort in the people who don't irritate you. I find that listening to singing bowls and/or crystal bowls is good for relaxation and calming. Taking part in an online journal may also do you some good so you can get all of that pent up anger out in words.

    I've linked two youtube videos featuring singing bowls.

    Hope I've helped a little

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    Are all of them doing that? Or do you have at least a close friend whom you can confide in? Perhaps your close friends can help you find out what the underlying problem is? I'm sure they wouldn't be calling you names without a valid reason. Sometimes it could just be misunderstanding that triggers all these series of events.

    I've been through that in primary school, and secondary school. The students made fun of my names, but i just took it in my stride. If the greater your reaction is, the more they will make fun. Show them that you can't be bothered with it, and this will make their teasing die down eventually. Whereas in my secondary school days, they totally ostracized me cos of a misunderstanding. i was very disturbed and troubled by it initially, cos i didnt know the reason. But with a help from a friend, i realised that it was only a misunderstanding. In any case, the "ostracizing" reduced and those classmates treated me better eventually, even without me doing anything. Hahas.. i took the "cant be bothered" method again. It works! Or perhaps that friend of mine helped me explain to them (which i dont know for sure)

    Anyway, i hope that you understand that you are in school to study and make the best out of it. All you need is one good friend whom you can trust. Who cares about the rest, really?

    BUT..one thing.. never get teachers involved in this sort of problem.. I was sorta betrayed by one teacher whom i thought can keep this secret, but made matters worse. In short, dont trust teachers in such cases.

  • Tony R
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    Play videogames after school. They help TREMENDOUSLY in winding down, wether they are violent or not. Working your mind in an interesting way will always get that stuff off of your mind. Just realise that you are better than them as long as you don't stoop down to their level or below it. They are the insecure ones, and they are the ones going nowhere. Just finish school well, and you have it made. Same thing happened to me. But now they are all failures, and I am, well... not a failure.

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    You allow them to "irritate" you. You obviously care what they think and do. You give them the "power" and ability to hold sway over your feelings and emotions. Why? You're making them more important than they really are.

    By the way, the only consistent feature in all of your dissatisfying relationships is you.

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    yeah, people are morons, you'll be out of school soon (probably) then onto college. (if you're in college and still surrounded by idiots, i'd consider transferring.) do you have any friends? there must be someone you can tolerate. maybe someone from another grade? just try to ignore them, focus on your schoolwork, and relax. if they're treatening you or something, tell an adult. if you don't let them get a rise out of you, they'll move on to bothering someone else soon enough. hang in there!

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    1 decade ago

    No real help is just that


    EVERYONE has their breaking point, and for you to go on and act like it doesnt bother you is just stupid and will cause more harm to you than them.

    Personally, if you dont wanna fight back, depending on your age, I would transfer. People love jumping on bandwagons and fighting a cause they think is fun is rewarding.

    even if they think its "best" for you.

    Source(s): trust me.
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    3 options

    -tell someone

    -fight back

    -put up with it

  • Rrr
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe you're just more intelligent than all of them! You should be thrilled!

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