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First time getting fingered...?

Kae so my boyfriend is going to come over sometime next week and I'm going to get fingered by him. But I want to know if there is anything I should do to be like you know prepared I guess. I have told him I'm a little scared to be, cause I never have before, but I want to, and he said he's done it before and stuff and kinda calmed me bout it all.

So is there anything I should do to be like ready or to suspect? I do shave every now and again, but i don't usually get all the hair down by the lips, is that ok and normal? Iunno I just don't feel comfortable shaving down there that close to the lips, I guess it kinda scares me. So is that normal and alright or...?

And also is there anyway he can finger me with me still having my jeans on and not having to take them completely off? I know it sounds weird but I'm not comfortable with me having my jeans off when he does it, or him actually looking down there... So is that possible or?

Also I am 15 is it really matters

so please help me, kinda nervous and would appreciate mature serious answers.

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    I agree with bean hunn. She is right, you dont seem like your ready for this. Infact it seems almost as in your being pressured into doing this. Not good at all. You should want to do it, and not only that but it should be with someone you actualy "love" and trust. If not then your just doing it for the pleasure, inwitch you have no idea what it is yet. So ask yourself why exactly am I doing it? For love or something entirely diffrent. Not only that but you need to focus on your schooling, not sexual relationships, your too young for it right now and you have way too much going for you right now to be distracted. Grow up, Graduate, and go to college. Then you can do what ever you want to in the future.


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    Of course not!!... how old are you?? Don't they teach you about the facts of life in your school?? It seems you never learn, you keep asking the same question for weeks now:- Can getting fingered get you pregnant or just late? Stars In Pregnancy - 2 answers - 3 minutes ago - Open Next time I get fingered? Stars In Women's Health - 3 answers - 24 minutes ago - Open Clearblue pregnancy test? Stars In Pregnancy - 3 answers - 2 weeks ago - Resolved Am I pregnant?! urgent!!:( ? Stars In Pregnancy - 2 answers - 2 weeks ago - In Voting Week late on my period,pls help!!!!? Stars In Trying to Conceive - 1 answer - 2 weeks ago - Resolved

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    Ah, as long as he's a nice, gentile guy, you're in the clear. That much I will say.

    As long as things aren't done too rough or too aggressive -and he washes his hands-, you should be very fine. Typically males don't mind hairs as long as they aren't an inch or two long.

    There are two places, for females, where this action (fingering) is possible. The first is a massage that SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED aggressively or too fast. The other, actually going inside, is a little more lenient, but still keep some sort of boundary (you will know if he's doing it too rough, but it will not hurt you fataly). And as far as pants go, they can be ON, but it will be more difficult for the fingers to reach or go as far as they would with them off a bit.

    As far as age, you will hear from a lot of answerists: "You are too young!!! OMG!". Having sex before you hit 18 is technically illegal, but in my opinion, it's better to be safe then sorry, because as you may know there are a LOT of teens that do it anyway.

    Things like this go a long way, if its going to be your first time, do it with someone who's right, and who you really do love. My first time was with someone who was their first time too.

    Remember, have fun, and don't feel pressured to take it too seriously! If you feel like you can, the best thing is to always abstain, but my answer is better to be safe than sorry, like I said.


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    His hands are no different than yours. Where you can fit your hands he can fit his. If you can masturbate while wearing jeans then he can finger you while wearing jeans. I think you get the hint.

    You seen apprehensive about your body, thus tells me you are not ready to move on to the next level. Please be certain to know you are ready and not let hormones take over.

    Remember fingering or "petting" leads to other things such as sex. This is a big deal and should not be taken lightly. Condoms must be used!!!!

    I feel you should wait however if you choose to do this anyway:

    Have him wash his hands before and after to protect you from any foreign matter being introduced to your vagina as his fingers will be foreign enough.

    Have him be gentle as your vulva is extremely sensitive and delicate.

    YOU SET THE PACE. communicate with him and if you feel pain and discomfort tell him to stop. No means no.

    Be prepared bring along a pantyliner or pad as your hymen may become torn as a result of his fingers being inserted into your vagina.

    This will result in bleeding and possible pain and cramping.

    Hope this helps

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    I'd say just let it happen when you're completely comfortable, not just making yourself comfortable because its planned out. I was way more worried about a guy going down on me than being fingered..

    and shaving over the lips isn't anything to be scared of, I've been shaving since i was 14 and I'm 18 and I have knicked myself everywhere else EXCEPT the lips, trust me just give it a try if you already shave the top lol

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    If you aren't comfortable with him taking your jeans off, then you're not ready for him to finger you. Don't push yourself to do something you're not ready for.

    That really is the number #1 rule about hooking up- Don't let anyone push you or convince you into doing something you're not ready for. Don't shave if you don't like it, don't let him finger you if you're not comfortable with him seeing you naked. Your feelings are important.

    The second rule is that if it hurts or doesn't feel good, SAY SOMETHING. It isn't rude to say "That hurts." Any decent guy wants you to enjoy being with him and doesn't want to hurt you.

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    so no!, and find some weird excuse to not have it done. say the whole house will smell, explain the true reason another day. its called peer pressure so tell him you still got your pride and dignity so don't rush the progress bro. [he has the nerves to make an appointment, probably with other girls too-on the same day because he admits to doing it before] odds are, there're better guys out there anyways, jerk!

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    sounds like you're still rather uncomfortable with the idea, make sure you're actually ready - otherwise it won't be enjoyable just very uncomfortable - you could put a blanket over your legs or wear sweatpants. don't shave if you don't want to, thats your decision not his and if it makes him that uncomfortable then maybe you shouldn't be together in that way. Aside from that, make sure he washes his hands and then warms them (cold/clammy would be unsettling), also make sure this doesn't lead to more, simply because it sounds like you're not ready (at 15 that's plenty far enough). I know its awkward, but I hope this helped

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    Well first of all if he has done this before. He knows what will happen.

    If I were you I would be very careful. When you start foreplay which is what your gonna do, then it will probably turn into sex because it will feel so good that you will not be able to stop. He knows this, this is probably his way of you, giving into him and having sexual intercourse. You might want to think about your actions before you do something you might regret later.

    Don't let any one ever manipulate you to do anything that you do not want to do.

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    You want a mature serious answer? Okay, here's one.

    Judging by the questions you are asking, you aren't even old enough or mature enough to do this. What kind of person makes an appointment to get fingered? An immature one.

    If you are worried about the style of your pubic hair, if your jeans are on or off, and don't want him to see you "down there", wait until you grow up.

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