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What if Christians remove the Judge in Massachusetts and Connecticut?

So that the Gay Marriage will be banned?

Then what?

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    It would not matter if they were removed because it actually is law in those two states. It was never law in California, Florida, Arizona, etc. And judges are not to mandate that law be written or legislate from the bench.

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  • Dani
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    Thankfully they do not have that kind of power. The sweet irony irony is that by pushing their antigay legislation they opened the door to same sex marriage that will never close. The US Supreme Court will overturn prop 8 and others like it because it violates both the 1st and 14th amendments.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It would be wonderfuil, wouldnt it? Next would be the porn mongers...

    Nice dream.

    Sorry, but I'm a Christian and even *I* think thats impossible. This old world ha to hav evil to tempt the fallen. Thats how it works. God likes those who can stay away rom the sin - but you have to have sin to stay away from, first.

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    removing a judge isn't as easy as you think.

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    Why would they do that? thats not a big enough issue for us to do that in mass, and I highly doubt that would happen under Patric

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