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youtube question=10 pts?

ok im trying to make utube video of runescape .....

so how do u video it so no camera shakes and i dont need to buy any products..i need to video runescape (a onlice adventure game) on internet!


id ont want to buy anything!

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    type in on google unregisterd hypercam2 and download that , it works good , most people use that , it is like a in computer camera u pic a certain part and it will video , i have 1 its cool

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    Well I'm not too sure about how to upload into Youtube, but I know FRAPS is a free game recording program that records while you play. Free you can only record for 30 seconds at a time, but if you want you can buy a subscription and then I think there is no time limit and also the watermark is gone. Another program I kno is Xfire, but thats a bit more complicated and I cant really explain it here so your gonna have to find out how to use it yourself. However, Xfire doesnt seem to work on all games...Like it doesnt work on 12sky for me.

    Hope this help, sorry its not the whole lot.


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    the best one you can get. but finding a serial i think is illegal

    good luck

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    try techsmith's camtasia. it is a screen video capture program for windows.

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    google HYPERCAM

    its easy to use

    good luck

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    FRAPS is much more realiable


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