french translation help!?

Can someone please translate this for me (and not using online translaters either please...they don't work well!)

I play tennis once a week and sleep for around 6 hours every night on weekdays and around 9 hours on weekends. I don't think I sleep enough on the weekends which makes me tired in school. However tennis is a fun sport that helps to keep me fit together with my P.E classes in school which I have once a week. I also have compulsary sport on tuesday, which is also tennis that I enjoy. I eat somewhat healthily what some fatty foods here and there. I don't drink softdrinks and refrain from eating fast food. Yesterday, I ate toast for breakfast and salad with fish for dinner.


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  • Rodica
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    1 decade ago
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    Je joue au tennis une fois par semaine et je dors environ 6 heures tous les nuits et environ 9 heures le week-end (à la fin de la semaine). Je ne crois pas de dormir assez le week-end et à cause de ça je suis fatigué à l'école.

    Mais le tennis est un sport qui me plais et qui m'aide a me mentenir en forme avec mes cours (PE = ????) à l'école que j'ai une fois par semaine.(I don't fully understand that)

    J'ai aussi un sport obligatoire, le mardi, le tennis que j'aime. Je mange sainement en général et rarement des aliments gras (ici et là). Je ne prends pas de boissons gazeuses et je m'abstiens de manger du fast-food. Hier, pour le petit déjeuner, j'ai pris du pain grillé (toasts) et une salade de poisson pour le dîner.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Babel fish, here is the URL for it..its from Yahoo so it works.

    this has helped me so much in the past it really is nice...I always use it..

    but when using it remember to translate English into French and then the French into English so you know you didn't mess up or any thing.

    Source(s): learned alot that way hope it helps you out! I know I passed Spanish with flying colors when I used it =D
  • Brenda
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    5 years ago

    Julien habite a (accent grave) limoges et julien aime limoges(I don't know what this means even in English). Mrs leclerc desire Julien aller a (accent grave) la campagne. Dans la campagne Julien et Servine voirent un chat et ecoutent (I don't know word for ghost). Ils partent vite et parlent leurs amis.

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    hey! u can download english to french dictionary check it

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