I experience a lot of unfair things in this world I know that.?

But, I feel like they are some things in my family that aren't fair like How my brother was always bullying me about stupid stuff and still

Can do that and there is nothing that I can do about it, especially

When our mother sticks up for him and says he said, he hasn't said

Or did anything to me I hate and it makes me feel less of a person

Or I'm acting like a brat, because I want people to treat me fairly how

Is that being spoiled or pampering? It's called Respect to me, and my

Youngest next to my youngest brother gave me a teddy bear to help

Me in my time of need while I was sick and took it back, because I

Didn't let him see my camcorder when it was charging or so he thought

Toss it around with my other brother and rubbed it in that a girl gave it

To him, that's not right, what do I care about a girl? I hate girls.

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    rant much

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  • i am a little confused about your narration... you're being bullied by other members of your family... how old are you anyway? if you are old enough, i'd advice you to get a job to support yourself so you can leave the house. you seem so unhappy there...or if you cant support yourself, do you have other relatives who care enough about you to help you?

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