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HOW To Express my likes to one person? He was not my friend, relation.It is not a love ?

I have feeling with one person. he is friend of my respected once. he is elder to me. our family friend, one of our well wisher. I want to Marie him but i don't know how to express, we will meet rarely how can i express. I think about him, and improve my self by height, weight and knowledge, but i cannot express him.

give me suggestion. If any way please help me.

Thank for all who going to ans this question.

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    what i suggest u if u r in tean age just forgot it and concetrate on u r studies and settlement and then think about

    if u r majour then think about the followings

    1. was he well setteled in job and security

    2. were their parents are ready to understand and agree

    3. how much eledr than u

    4. that u r telling he meet rarely i think he is not intrested on u and at the same time he consider as younger than he and at the same time he look to smae other person who is suitabe to his age

    and then try to say u r feeling on him

    good luck

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