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Did Hemingway ever write a line that goes like this: "Nick looked at her and said nothing"?

or ANY name, not just nick. did he ever say that?


wow! thanks!

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    I'm not 100% sure, because I don't have access to the book at the minute, but I think the line's from "The Sun Also Rises" ("Fiesta" in europe), and the line is "Jake looked at her and said nothing." The her is, of course, the manipulative Brett.

    I may well be wrong, and someone's sure to correct me if I am :)

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    In a short story called 'The End of Something' 4th paragraph

    'Can you remember when it was a mill', Marjorie asked.

    'I can just remember,' Nick said.

    It seems more like a castle,' Marjorie said.

    Nick said nothing. She was intent...

    Source(s): Short stories of Ernest Hemingway
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