Upgrade a 2006 bmw 325 sound system?

Right now i know i have a harmon kardon that come stocked and is not bad at all, but i am wondering will it be difficult to upgrade the whole sound system even professionally? the reason i ask is i took it in once and they told me it would be pretty expesive and hard to do since everything is connected to the bmw's main computer. This was a couple of year ago however. If it is too much of a hassle should i just go for a sub? any information and suggestions would be great.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    BMW's are in their own brand of vehicles.

    I would personally just keep whats in it, in it. Most likely their speakers are on par with most of the aftermarket speakers.

    If you want more bass, then buy an amp and sub. Try not to make life difficult >_<

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