Question about Kosher Salt?

What exactly is it?

What makes salt kosher...or i guess..what makes it not kosher?

I'm muslim so I don't quite know all the kosher laws (i get the general jist), but we prefer to buy kosher opposed to non-kosher. SO my mom decided kosher salt was better than salt without the kosher label.

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    Kosher salt is larger grained & naturally dried (verse chemicals added to regular salt, except for health food sea salt).

    It's use is to sprinkle on meat to pull out the any residual blood since that's not kosher. Some do think it tastes better.

    This site has more definitely on kosher, not sure about salt itself:

    I agree kosher stuff is often better. I drive my neighbor to get hallel meat at her favorite shop too.



    The chemicals added to store salt are more than iodine which you could get in your diet too. The process for making regular table salt now includes chemical drying & changes the structure of the salt. Natural air dried sea salt doesn't have that, & neither does kosher salt. Regular salt has iodine for the same reason white breads have B vitamins, the government through the FDA required it to solve a health problems that was happening from a nutrient missing in people's diets.

    Kosher salt of course is made on kosher equipment that doesn't mix milk & meat or what would be the point? However, salt itself has no kosher or nonkosher aspect to it. The reason it's called kosher salt is because it's larger grained & therefore used to draw out the blood to make the -meat- kosher.

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    Simply, Kosher salt has had nothing added to it. Other salt may have had things, like iodine, added to them and if this happens, there is no way to know where that ingredient came from. It might have come from an animal source or it might have come from a place that has made animal and dairy foods in the same machines. For Kosher laws, you can not mix a meat and dairy together, so to be on the safe side, you use all ingredients that have been designated Kosher - or safe.

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    Apparently regular old iodized salt is much more healthier than kosher salt or any gourmet salt out there. Iodized salt decreases the risk of thyroid cancer, as iodine is needed in our diets for the thyroid to be healthy.

    I have always wondered about kosher salt. I guess i'll look up wikipedia LOL

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    The same reason you can find halal rice and halal water in Malaysia.

    EDIT: Even kosher has different meanings? What if it's kosher salt made by a machine that's touched pork... would it become un-kosher kosher salt then?

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    All salt is kosher (all salt sold at stores) unless ingredients are added to it that would make it "non-kosher".

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    One other thing about Kosher Salt is the Shape of the crystals make it a good salt for meat curing & dry rubs...

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    "Kosher salt" is just a fancy name for rough large-grained table salt. It's not special.

    It's named this way not because it's compliant with Judaic dietary laws (it is, but so is regular, fine salt), but because it's used in the process of making meat kosher. They use it to drain the blood out of the meat, because blood is considered unkosher.

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