Play the SUPER OBAMA WORLD it is is so cute...tell me what you think plz..i loved it..GO OBAMA!?

IMAGINE OBAMA'S KIDS PLAYING THIS....I LOVED IT..SAYING "Hey dad im playing you online"lol..sooo cute...Enjoy!!!! Do u think Obama gets any money from this? mmm curious?

John McCain labeled Barack Obama the "biggest celebrity in the world."

But if you ask us, you're not really huge until someone makes you the star of your own video game. And developers at Zensoft have done just that with Super Obama World, a new online game that is surging 400% in Search.

Playing on the Obama-mania of so many of his cyber-aged supporters (young voters preferred Obama more than two to one), the game combines the nostalgia of Super Mario Brothers with a biting political message.

Obama fans who followed the endless campaign reality show can now relive the experience through game fantasy. The only controller you need is your computer keyboard — no joystick required. This game is old-school: Just right and left arrrows, and the good ol' space bar to jump. As Obama, you'll encounter Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue (where Sarah Palin spent thousands of dollars on outfits), dodge lobbyists wielding bags of money, and jump over pigs wearing lipstick. You can advance to the "Alaska" level and the "Republican National Convention" level.

The developers have promised more episodes as Obama goes through his presidency. And what could future episodes look like? Obama better do some cool stuff as president, or it's going to be "Game Over."

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    If it is a legal game,than yes Obama gets money.

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    4 years ago

    Head M&M.... i'm sitting decrease back and guffawing, too. i'm guffawing on the actual undeniable truth that I advised ppl that if he turns into president, then this us of a turns into like the area he represented at the same time as in congress (district 13 in Chicago).

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