Would this be called dating even if I was his sugar daddy?

Basically I met this hot twink boy on myspace last April. We've exchanged phone numbers then 2 weeks later HE calls me asking to "hang out" saying hes a "cute horny boy" who wants to be spoiled.

I drive the hour to his house and ended up buying him cigarettees and jack damiles on our way to renting a cheap motel room to F*** our brains out for an hour.

I gave him some cash, like 125 and thrn drove him back to his house were we made ot briefly again before i dropped off and drovr 1hour hope.

The very next day, 8 hours later he is calling up my cell phone saying he has "anxiety" issues. We talk for an hour and i calm him down. we agree to meet gain that night for our 2nd "outing" at the motel.

We F*** our brains out again and i give him $50 since i had to pay for gas and $25 room. then i buy him a pack of newport1oo's cigarettes.

Anywahy, this goes on for 2 months and we must have "hooked up" atleast 10 times before hes sent into rehab/care.

we talk on the cell almost daily, myspace, AIM, email, etc

and i fell in love with him. he also told me he loves me.

How would you label our relationship: friendship, dating, lovers, boyfriends, friends with bnefits, prostitition, sugar daddy love?



yes dinner, yes movies, yes carnivals

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  • Brian
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    1 decade ago
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    I'd say it's a Sugar Daddy relationship with the possibility of more. But if all you two have is sex, I wouldn't give this relationship anymore of a chance.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would not call your relationship boyfriends or a sugar daddy. It would be called prostitution if that was the initial reason for the meeting. If you were on the phone and said Im gonna give you such and such amount of money and your gonna have sex with me, then that would be prostitution. You can definitely call it lovers and also call it friends with benefits.

  • 1 decade ago

    He seemed to be getting cash, drink, plus ciggerrtes. And you in return got sex. I would not call that dating, did you ever go to dinner together? Ever go to the cinema? etc...

    I would call it friends with benefits.

  • 1 decade ago

    more like sex buddy.

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