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i need mojor dental work but no more insurance ?

how can i fix my teeth without insurance no money no job i need to fix my teeth as the front top of my mouth has rotted out and my ex would not let me seek dental help is there anything I can do looking for a job but have no education trying to get my GED and get a job but my teeth / smile is holding me back any ideas would be helpful

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    I would strongly encourage you to visit this great site: I signed up online over 5 years ago now and they have saved me thousands on all dental services. I use this plan when ever I max out my insurance. There are no limits to the usage of this plan which is great for me, since I needed a lot of work done. They even had my very affordable benefits active in 2 hours and was able to use it the very same day. hope this helps.

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    I need mojor dental work but no more insurance ?

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    Care Credit. Dentists will give you credit. You can charge their fees at a very low interest rate and pay it off in a couple of years. Or find a dental school and let them do the work. Its very reasonable and the students are supervised.

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    I was once going to get this dental plan when i didnt have insurance because it was my best bet considering i didnt have insurance and didnt wanna do the whole waiting period thing. Check out this site

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    Try signing up for medicaid at your local social services. Medicaid wil pay for most of your dental work. Hope this works for you!

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    oh man.

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