whats your opinion on these piercings?

well, obviously i want your opinion lol and i wont be mad if u say u hate these cuz DUH thats an opinion lmao :p

but yea, what is your opinion on septum [middle of your nose] piercings? im gettin mine done in a few months. im just waitin a while to think it over and find out info on it and sh**. and i wanna wait at least 3 months after i get my tattoo [which is scheduled for december 11th] and i have a rule that i gotta think bout it for 2 months before gettin it. so thats about 4 weeks b4 i can do it. now, here's the thing that i know a LOT of ppl are gonna hate, [especially if they hate piercings in general lol] i already have my nose pierced. i have a hoop in rite now, but imma change it to a stud. and after i get my septum pierced and its healed and junk, im gonna get the other side of my nose done, ive been wantin to do that for about 2 years lol and i thot a septum piercing would make it that much cooler lol i really love the idea of it, and it'll cost me about $150 ish to get it all done including the piercings themselves and the jewelry. so im definately doing it, just not too too soon lol and im just curious on all your thoughts on them :p

so imma stop typing before i ramble even more lol

thanks for your thoughts! <3


hehe it doesnt matter to me what ppl think. i'll still get it if ppl hate it. i was just curious wat ppl thot lol random question! lol :p

Update 2:

oh and im not gettin it cuz "its cool rite now" or cuz "i think it'll make me cool" as some ppl hav said. i have 11 piercings so far. and they were all my choice, and definatly did not make me "cool" if anyting they did the exact opposite and made ppl hate me, except for the ppl that were truly my friends and loved me for who i am. all my piercings are by MY choice. nobody elses. and i HATE it wen ppl assume im just one of those followers that get pierced cuz its cool. and once i get pierced they are a part of me, the only reason i will take them out is cuz uv infection or migration or sh** like that. and chances are if i take them out, im repiercing them as soon as they are healed :p just thot id let ya all kno that. :p

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    1 decade ago
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    Go 4 it ! i have my nose done, top lip, bottom lip,tounge n belly and still decinding wat i want next, maybe other side of my nose , 2 studs and then septum in nose wuld look good, rings in nose arnt my thing.

    if its wat uve wanted 4 a long time, go 4 it gurli, and if u dnt like u can always take them out !!



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The moment everybody has something is the moment it loses all it's cache. Piercings and tats seems so 5 years ago to me.

    I have noticed that piercings and tats are way down on TV/movie stars.

    Seems that the only people still getting them is the average person on the street.

    For me, that would be reason enough not to get either.

    The next trend always comes along. Wait for it and be first to the party this time, not last.

    P.S. I know it seems like every trend will last and be cool forever. But it's called trend for a reason. Think about it this way. My grandpa has a tat because they were cool back in the day. Then the trend ended and they were tacky for 50 years! Now the trend has come and gone again. It could be that tats and piercings will be thought of as tacky for the next 50 years too.

    I know that most of my friends think their tacky and almost old school.

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    Well, things like tattoos and piercings are about self expression. If you like it, then don't worry about what others think. A piercing is a little bit more practical because you can take it out - unlike a tattoo which is permanent.

    I personally don't like septum piercings, but i have a few piercings and tattoos that a lot of people don't like, but i absolutely love.

    Do what you like - it's your body and your expression :)

  • 1 decade ago

    i have had a **** load of piercings... 3 lip 1 nose 1 eyebrow 4 nipple 1 belly button tongue and wrist. but i never even thought about doing my septum.. i think people look like bulls :)

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  • Karina
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    1 decade ago

    Septums are sweet. My bestfriend has one and she also has the two sides of her nose pierced. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Why bother ask what people think when you clearly couldn't care less

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