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Maremma attacking my chickens?

My maremma has recently been ripping out the feathers of my chickens and and killed 2 four week olds.She is a gaurdian dog how do i stop this??She is gaurdian to goats and chickens.We also have a border collie who chases the chickens so we think he kind of gets her excited to the point oh ripping feathers and killing.



lol u guys obviously don't know what they are for.they stay with the dog all the time to protect from predators

A maremma is a dog

Update 2:

was that maremma by anychance on a farm in surburbia

Update 3:

maremma is fine with people.just chickens are the problem

Update 4:

mojo what if the dog gets it off?

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    When I was young, my Mom had a farmer boyfriend and now I, myself, have a farmer boyfriend...

    Both farmers have had the same problem with a dog...I'm going to tell you something that seems really really gross and even cruel, but it works..

    Take the dead chicken and attach it around the dogs neck...A dog has a very good sense of smell...The chicken will rott...The dog won't like this...The dog will learn that if he kills a chicken, it will be placed around his neck to rott and dogger does NOT want that...

    I know, gross...But it DOES work.

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    Once this has started it is extremely difficult to stop. Dogs are hunting animals and chasing and killing food is an instinct. Whilst Maremmas were bred as livestock guard dogs there is always the odd rogue.You need to decide which is more important, dog or chickens?

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    i used to have a maremma and she attacked my brother! so we put her down. that is their nature put it down now before it hurts somebody!

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    maremma... is that like a chupacabra?

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