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about multiple sclerosis?

they thought my mom had multiple sclerosis and did an MRI and found some lesions so they sent her for a spinal tap but the fluid came back normal.. she is deficient in vitamin b12 and has fibromyalgia. well the neurologist told her that she doesnt have it but i stil have my doubts because of the MRI and all the symptoms we were having.. i guess i just need reassurance.

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    Were it me, I would call the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and find where the closest clinic is that specializes in MS. I'd then go there for a second opinion. I have had MS for 18 years but have run across many people where I live who were told that they didn't have it and they did. It took a visit to a the Melon Centre at the Cleveland Clinic for the correct diagnosis. Good luck to you and your Mom.

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    The symptoms of MS have a broad range and are often subtle, many of which are shared with other disorders. The neurologist ran tests to look for MS as well as to rule out other possible causes before making a diagnosis of MS.

    *Blood work - look for Vit B12 deficiency and Lyme disease markers

    *MRI scans with intravenous gadolinium - identify and date lesions (plaques) in the brain. Newer lesions show up brighter.

    *Evoked potentials - hearing, vision, and motor impulses are tested to see if they move normally or too slow.

    *Spinal tap (lumbar puncture) - cerebro-spinal fluid is tested to identify cells that suggest MS. Can also be used to differentiate from Lyme disease.

    Talk with your mom. What does her gut say? Does she trust her neurologist? Her general practitioner? Give her treatments time and then she can revisit the issue if further work up needed.

    Source(s): Me, RN with MS
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