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What can cause Nausea in the middle of a cycle? is it ovulation?

for the last 3 days i've felt really really nausea's almost like im going to vomit, it comes and goes througout the day. I'm sure its not a bug or flu or food poisoning. I'm on day 17 of my cycle, and have been feeling ill since day 15 :( I had sex on day 8, 9 and 15. i was suposedly ovulation on day 14. Are my hormones causing me to feel ill? This rarely happens.

Could i be pregnant? is it too early for these symptoms? My last period was early and only lasted 3 days.

Does this happen to anyone else around ovulation time?

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    well its not to early to start feeling pregnancy symptoms i felf my symptoms from week 2! but dont stress 2 much if your worried go and see the doc! your period can make u nausea, so just go and check it out.

    good luck

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