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Serious question: I have lost the urge to masturbate, is there something wrong?

I have done so frequently, and I've heard that men continue to masturbate well into their 30's. I'm 17 and have lost the urge, is there something wrong or what?

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    You simply haven't stated for how many days you haven't done it?

    If you abstain for a few days, the urge is very likely to come back soon. The urge to masturbate is not a mechanical thing. It also depends on your overall mental well-being. You could simply be stressed by something.

    At 17, you are almost an adult and adults have many other priorities than to concentrate solely on masturbation. Don't worry the urge would come again after a day or two. When it is said that men do it well into their 30's it doesn't mean that they do it all the time. Most would do it only 3-4 times a week or even less!

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    No, if you do it almost every day you'll naturally lose the urge until it has some time to build up. Also you could just be bored with it. Trying mixing things up or trying a new way. Or maybe it's time to move on to the real thing! ;) It's normal tho so don't worry about it.


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    no it may just be a phase. Sometimes ill have phases where im ready to masturbate all the time, but then i just dont have the urge. Nothing to worry about.

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    Masturbation is a normal process that could lead to abnormalities if exceed in limits as it is an addiction. as all have said that you are going through puberty phase and it is quite normal. but masturbating a lot is not beneficial for your health. you are young and energetic and you are in your development stage and masturbation may result in drowsiness, low energy, poor bones etc. (again if done a lot)

    There are many methods that may help you to control masturbation. These were told to me by someone and these methods helped me alot.

    1) Don’t keep yourself alone for long. when you are alone you think about stuff (like you have mentioned in your post) so always try to be in a company .

    2) Don’t watch porn. That does not only make you masturbate but also pollute your thoughts and even if you thinking something nice those nicer thoughts will also lead to naughtier thoughts sooner or later.

    Even if you watching a tv or a movie try not to watch movies that have erotic scenes, skip them. try to watch tv or movies with your family, parents or friends that will help you alot.

    3) a person cannot be in a company throughout a day. so when you are alone try to indulge yourself in some productive tasks. Before sleeping don’t watch TV but read something that will burden your eyes and will help you to sleep early and also you will not think about what you just watched before sleeping.

    4) the best method that I found out to useful is to wash your face and head with little water when ever you feel like masturbating. Just take a water in your palms and wash your face and rub the wet palm over your hair . that will calm down your body, lower the temperature level of your body and will subside the desire of masturbation.

    As a muslim we are advise to be in a state of ABLUTION. Ablution is process of cleaning one’s body with taking only little water but that provide with numerous benefits to your body and also purify it. Its an amazing concept. Every one must study it and I am sure it will help every one. It has numerous benefits along with controlling masturbation and other sexual desire. It keeps your body clean through out the day internally and externally. It takes only 2 minutes to perform ablution and it really help you subsiding all your illegal desires. Help you regain energy and make you really fresh after work , waking up and before sleeping. Help you achieve sound sleep and keep your brain calm and active.

    To know about ablution visit these website.

    these are the benefits of ablution

    you can google more on ablution and its benefits and that is the only best method available to control your desires.

    Hope that will help you too

    Hope I have answered your question.

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    No there isn't.

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