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Terrible recurring thoughts; Can I get rid of them?

I've been having a recurring thought lately, I'm not going to say what it is but it has been bothering me for a long time. Its a thought I hate to have in my mind. It feels like this thought is consuming every other thought I have. I seem to be developing an association with this thought and others, no matter what the other thought is. It's slowly ruining every 'good' thought I have and it's become unbearable to think about anything. Of course, every time I try not to think about it or try to think of something, it always lingers on the edges of my mind.

When I get extremely distracted by something and have absolutely no time to let my mind wander, I don't think it occurs. Every time I want to try to have a peaceful moment to myself, it comes up. It's like torture not to be able to rid myself of this.

I have been considering a method I've read about where I cause some discomfort to myself (Not hurting myself, of course. Just a light pinch or something of the sort) every time I find myself thinking about it. My problem is that even when I'm not actively thinking about it, it's always lingering in the back of my mind like an echo or something.

Are there any other methods I can use to rid myself of this torture? I don't want to be stuck like this for the rest of my life...


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    you need to find a way to think of other things and not let this eat you up. talking about this may help and praying might also. its a matter of mind control. go talk to someone you can trust or to some random person talking about it might make things a little better for you!

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    I've had 3 bad bouts of severe post natal depression so know what you are going through as at the time i too had disturbing thoughts that i could not get rid of they consume you and i was convinced i'd carried these acts out, Try a self help book, there are many good ones out there, if you're not into reading then visit your GP as i found talking about these thoughts actually helped rid them in the end and i coped better if they did try to crop up, it's so hard to talk but once you do you'll realize that infact many ppl have had similar experiences, i was worried i'd be taken to a institue or that my children would be taken into care (i look back now and am suprised at how irrational my thinking was and quite funny) but i found ppl to be very kind and helpful.

    It may be that you are suffering with some form of mild mental illness, so i'd definetly chase up the help that is available to you, go see your GP and Good Luck

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    I think I know where you are coming from. I have a lot of anxiety and it really can interfere with daily life if you allow it to. Any social situation causes me to be really uncomfortable and feel like I'm going to lose control, but with practice and patience I am slowly overcoming it. Just try not to worry so much about the problem you are having, just try as best you can to live your life. It is okay to have fears and uncertainties but try not to allow it to affect you negatively. Best of luck, dear.

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    Did you find a way to deal with this problem then? Because I do have similar problems from time to time. I found meditation to really help though.

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    if you can't control yourself. try ask doctor who can help you. good luck. my friend.

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