Does anybody know a way i can get an iphone without using a credit card?

ok ive been hearing this stuff about apple isnt accepting any cash b.c ppl have been buying the phone and in turn selling it to another person unlocked for alot more than what it is really worth. ive been wanting an iphone since the first day the very first version came out. there anyway to get an iphone without having to get a credit card??


but if u ask your friend to pay for you then that would mean the phone would be in his/her name instead of yours no?

Update 2:

see its ppl that sell unlocked phones online that caused all this. if ppl followed the way phones were meant to be we wouldnt have this problem now.

Update 3:

I need a way without using a credit card. my parents don't have a credit card.

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    You can pay with cash at any Apple or AT&T store. All those rumors are false. All customers are required to sign a two year contract so that people wont buy them and sell them but people still do that.

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    you cant buy one without a credit card. Apple started doing that because there are 400,000 iphones that are not on ATTs network. and they are trying to stop that.

    The person who said that they don't require a credit card is a ******* idiot. I work in an apple store. those rumors are not false.

    you can find iphones on craigslist and ebay if you really want to pay cash. they make you use the credit card so that they can attatch a name to the hardware.

    Why don't you get a checking account and put all the cash you are planning to spend on the phone in the account. You will get a debit card with a visa or mc logo on it within 3-5 business days. you take that to the apple store to pay for the iphone.i am surprised your parents don't have a debit card with a visa or mc logo on it. everyone with a checking account has them. apple doesn't need you to have a line of credit to get the phone. They just want you to pay for it in a way that they can attach a serial number to a name. So your name on a debit card is enough.

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    There certainly is - Ebay.

    But I wouldn't recommend it anyway. No warranty on the phone and....

    There are so many better phones than the iPhone. You'll get sick of it really quickly! Trust me, I know. I've worked with phones for a long time and i used to have one and got rid of it a week later.

    I'll tell you why.

    -Crappy camera, 2MP

    -You can only use bluetooth for your headset.

    -No MMS capability

    -Apple's second phone they have ever made (can't really be trusted)

    -You'll get sick of the interface and wish you had a real phone.

    Have a look at the LG Renoir. It's LG's 'version' of the iPhone.

    -8MP camera

    -Sterio BT

    -MMS capabilities

    -Trusted brand - LG is really picking up their game lately.

    -Dolby surround sound!

    Check out for iPhone reviews. Please!


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    Try another Apple Store, or use a debit card. Give a friend the money, and have them put it on their debit card. Buy one on Craigslist.

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