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可以幫我把下面的Role play對話翻譯成英文嗎?





T:嗯...有嗎? 哦!我想起來了.你是史丹力補習班的學生對吧!?

































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    You look very familiar. Have we met before?

    Have we? Oh. It reminds me. You were the student of Stanley School. Weren't you?

    In my memory, you should graduate last year, and your name is Queenie.

    Yes, I was the student of Stanley School. Does teacher Jenny still teach there?

    Yes, she does. If you are available, you can come to see me. Where did you study after our school?

    Hmm. In a not very good university because I fell in love later, I didn't study hard.

    Oh,yes. That's right. It's difficult to choose between love and school work, but you have to study harder.

    Teacher, are you available now? How about chatting in the coffee shop?

    Great. I am glad to. We are rare to meet each other.

    (Excuse me, madam. What do you want to drink?)

    I want a cup of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate. Thank you.

    (Madam, the total price is 150 dollars, thank you.)

    Teacher, there is a vacant seat. Let's wait and sit there.

    Hmm..OK. How are you lately? I think you should have happy and romantic life.

    No, not happy at all.

    (Madam, here is your hot chocolate. Be careful it's hot.)

    Thank you. I regret that I sacrificed my studies at that time.

    Oh, really? I am sorry.

    That 's because both of you have different opinions.

    Maybe! Since we graduated from senior high school, we usually had different opinions and that caused we broke out. I was really stupid.

    Now what should I do in the future?

    In fact, it's easy to solve your problem. As long as you start to make efforts from now on, you can make it.


    Yes. Making efforts is the key to success. You should abandon your past.

    You are right. I should forget my past immature behavior.

    That's right. People always do some crazy things in their youth. You can use this chance to gain experience

    Hmm. Teacher, thank you to tell me so many inspiring words. You really help me a lot.

    Don't mention it. You are my student, I am glad to help you. You can come to visit me frequently in the future.

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    抱歉,倒數第12行的分手broke out 改成 broke up 手誤,打錯了

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    S: You look like look familiar very much, we have met?

    T: …Has? Oh! I thought. You are Shi Danli supplementary class's students are right!? Has not remembered incorrectly the words, you should be last year graduate. You call Queenie.

    S: Right! I am Shi Danli supplementary class's student. Mr./Mrs. Jennie you also in that teaching?

    T: Also in! You have free time may come to look for me. Right, then you afterward read!?

    S: ….It is not the very good university. Because I afterward fell into love. Therefore does not have to study well.

    T: Yes! Also right. In love rain studies fills the difficult choice. But you must redouble one's efforts.

    S: Teacher you have free time now? Was inferior that chat we to the cafe.

    T: Good ~ I am glad very much, we meet rarely. (C: Young lady ask that what you do want to drink?)

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    S: I take a coffee and cup of hot chocolate. Thanks. (C: Young lady altogether is 150 Yuan, thanks) teacher, there has the position we to wait sits that.

    T: , Good!! Then you now fortunately? Should very happy be very romantic?!

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    S: Not ~ unhappy (C: Miss good Luo! The hot chocolate please carefully drink), thanks. I regretted that initially sacrificed own studies for love.

    T: Oh! Really?! I was sorry very much. Is because you and his view differs from?

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    S: Perhaps! After our high school graduation, the opinion does not gather frequently

    causes to bid good-bye. I is really very stupid. Now did not know that in the future how should be good?!

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    T: Actually the wish solves your problem to be very simple. So long as you start now diligently, certainly also and.

    S: Really?

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    T: Right! Is the successful key diligently, you should abandon.

    S: Said also rightly, I really must forget in the past not the mature behavior.

    T: This was right. Person not frivolous in vain youth. You may use this lesson to obtain the harvest.

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    S: , Teacher thanks you to speak these many encouragements the words, you have helped me very busy.

    T: Where, are you my student! Later may come back to look for me frequently oh .....

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