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p.s. 不要用翻譯機翻 因為通常都翻的不對


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    Today I would like to share the strange side of me with everyone, I think that there are few people who are afraid of taking the lift (elevator), and it even sounds strange to me. For one girl who dares to take rollercoaster, but fears to take the lift, sounds weird, right? Actually, I am worried that being clamped by the doors of the lift might injure me; it feels like going to a guillotine execution. Although many people told me that the doors will go back automatically when sensing something in between, but there are many cases of people being injured by the doors of elevator. Therefore, I always want to be the first one to get it and the first one to get out. The chances of getting hurt will be smaller in this way. I always pretend to be calm when taking the lift with my classmates. I am sure that they will laugh at me if I told them about my fear of taking the lift. Besides, I also hesitate when taking the escalator. I am always one step behind other people. It seems that I have problem getting used to these two things. So, the chances for me to take the stairs are much greater than the lift and also I can exercise at the same time. I will not use the lift unless I am very tired. Above is my self-introduction, and thanks for listening.

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    I must with everybody discuss that today my strange one side, I want the very few people to fear hits the elevator, I also thought that is very strange! Regarding one human who dares to sit the jet coaster, an elevator lets her be afraid, sounds very unusually right? Actually I will be will fear that is gripped by the elevator door is injured, that feeling will be very terrorist, on elephant guilotine's feeling. Although many people to me said that it will bump into you to retract automatically, but in society's case some people will also be are gripped by the elevator door are injured, therefore I hoped that I will be first go in first to come out, like the opportunity which clamped has been small, before and schoolmate built the elevator I to install calmly, if because feared that will build the elevator to smile dies, moreover in abscess staircase with a handrail time I will also hesitate, always little trod a standard compared to others, as if I could not adapt about these two item of things, therefore walked the staircase the opportunity to be bigger than far builds the elevator, was alrightWhile convenient movement, only if really very tired will only then build the elevator. The above comes to the end about mine introduction Luo!


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