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cancel order


所有材料都已經準備好了, 基本上我們不能夠接受刪單

若因業務狀況真是一定要刪單,我們將提供呆料明細向你們 charge材料費用


有沒有婉轉的寫法.....我不敢得罪客戶呀. 感恩

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    As all material has been ready for production, it is impossible for us to accept the cancellation of this order. Please re-consider the situation and confirm your final decision to our information. And if it indeed have to be cancelled due to the market situation, we will then send you the invoice for all the prepared material and charge the cost to you.

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    Since all the material has been ready now, I am afraid thtat it won't be cancelled at this moment. Or we will then issue the inovice carring all of these material cost to you. Please be kindly to double check and confirm your final decision to our information.

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