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我的問題是… 我們英文聽講的課要期中考了!






大家好! 我是Alex,是一個藝術家。






噢! 別忘了,到了北京一定要常常那的北京烤鴨。味道很棒!





以上,請高手幫忙@@" 非常感謝!



請大大們幫忙 感謝!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello! I am Alex, and an artist.

    I like travelling to all parts of the world and be engaged in the art activity, as if draw the landscape painting, photograph, take pictures.

    I once went to Eiffel Tower of France to shoot the whole urban area of Paris, had painted from life before the arch of triumph too.

    France is really a romance and country full of human touch, so I have gone to France twice.

    In addition, make travel with deep impression of mine to go to China most.

    The Forbidden City where located in Beijing is very vast and solemn, I can't help taking a lot of photographs in that.

    Oh! Don't forget, reach Beijing must often Beijing Roast Duck of those. Taste is very good!

    In addition, the Great Wall is the beauty spot that must go, it is really very grand, and so long that I can not get.

    Tell everybody stealthily, I still once drew a picture on that city wall!

    Next time, I will want to go to Egypt to travel, take a group photo with the mummy in that, and mount the top of the Pyramid and call E.T.s!

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  • 1 decade ago

    翻譯:Hello, everyone! I am Alex, is an artist.

    I like the whole world to travel and is engaged in art activity and is like the painting scenery painting and photograph, take a picture.

    I once got to Tour Eiffel, France to up take the whole Paris downtown and once sketched before triumphal arch as well.

    France is really the country that is romantic and is full of human interest, therefore I went to France two times.

    Go to China a deep tour of my impression most in addition.

    Locate at very large and solemn in the Forbidden City in Beijing, I cannot help but take a lot of photographs over there.

    Oh! Don't forget, went to Beijing must usually that of Beijing roast duck.The flavor is very good!

    Is the great wall the beauty spot that must go besides, it is really impressive-looking, and grow me could not see its end.

    Secretly tell everyone, I even once made a painting on that city wall!

    Next time, I think of that Egypt travels and matches a shadow with mummy over there, and ascends the top of pyramid to invoke an Alien!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Everybody is good! I am Alex, is an artist. I like the world travelling and being engaged in the artistic activity, is likely the picture landscape painting, the photography, the photography. I once arrived in the French Eiffel Tower to photograph the entire Paris urban district, also once drew from nature before the Arc De Triomphe. France is really romantic and humane state, therefore I have gone to the French two times. In addition, most makes my impression profound traveling goes to China. Is situated in Beijing's Forbidden City are general and dignified, I could not bear in that have made many photographs. Oh! Do not forget, to Beijing must certainly frequently that Beijing roast duck. The flavor is very good! Moreover, the Great Wall is the scenic spot which must certainly go, it is really very grand, and long does not look at its terminus to me. Tells everybody secretly, I also once did painting in that city wall! Next time, I think of the Egyptian traveling, in that with mummy group photo, and mounts Pyramid's peak to summon the alien!



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