Need potty training advice!?

i have a 21/2 year old daughter and i have been potty training her for 2 weeks. she well go potty in the toilet but not go poop. the first 2 days she went poop but the second day it scared her and know she refuses to go she will just go in her underwear. how can i get her to go on the toilet i try candy i've also try-ed bribing her but nothings works i know she knows when she has to go. please help

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    My son was doing that, too...just give it a little time...and watch for signs that she is going to go and have her sit on the potty. I take my son in to sit when I go, too...(not every time as I am pregnant and peeing every 10 minutes). :P

    It sounds SO gross but my son likes to dump the poop and flush...and if he does go in his pants, I have him come with me to the bathroom and I dump it in the toilet and tell him THAT is where poop goes, not in your pants.

    It has only been 2 weeks so she is still learning and she'll get there. :)

    Good luck!

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    She has no reason to go poop in the potty since she did in the diaper all her life - 2 years and a half. Why didn't you potty train her when she was one? At the time she wouldn't "prefer" to pee and poo somewhere, she would find using the potty something normal and you wouldn't have issues right now.

    I suggest you keep being patient, she will eventually like the potty for pooping too. now that she has her opinion, it will take time but don't worry, most kids in the first grade don't wear diapers.

    Source(s): We potty-trained fully my best friend's daughter when she started walking (9-10 months old). By her first birthday she didn't remember the diapers. She walked to the potty and asked mommy or me (with signs of course) to take her pants off.
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    My pediatrician and countless parents have advised me to wait until my son does it on his own. He is 2 years and 3 months old. They say to let them decide, then they will be fully ready. It is much less headache for you. One day she'll just be ready to be a full big girl. But if you must potty train her, you could try a rewards system. Everytime she goes to the bathroom she gets a treat and if she goes poo she gets three treats or something like that. Check out,/ they have some potty training tools and might even send you a free potty training kit (although it's nothing fancy) that might help. But my personal advice would be to let her decide on her own, I think things will go better for the both of you that way, my pediatrician says it should be around the age of 3.

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    I still don't understand why [arent wait until their child is two years old to potty train but i guess thats the new generation with the pull ups and all that makes it workse bcuz a pull is still aming ur big chiild at age tow theink its ok to poop and pee on themselves...but any ways...

    you have to make it fun...first when you see that she is trying to go potty take her immediatley to the have to be firm also or you are going to be changing poop til she's five! lol! dont let her get up...and then when she finally goes and poops clap and cheer say yaaayyyy! u did it mommy is so proud! when you and cheer and clap they like that and know that what they did is then they want to do it all the time bcuz they see mommy clapping and saying yayyy! make it a game and she will worked for me...

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    i had the same problem with my son. he didnt potty train untill he turned 4. i have learned that they will train when they are ready. just be patient with her. dont try to make her either cause that will just make it worse. give her the time she needs. that is all i can say.

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