Do I have some sort of anxiety?

I'm not sure if this can be defined as anxiety, but I'm often very wound up and stressed. I bite the inside of my mouth a lot. Sometimes it's hard for me to walk through my college campus or the mall by myself, I feel uneasy, like I'm unsure and unaware of how I'm walking. Or if I'm walking from class to class for no reason I walk really fast. I can't seem to pace myself. I am also easily lead into discomfort through intimate social interactions, for example not long ago i joked to my friend how i didn't get this guy's number at the party we were just outside of, and she ran in to get it for me, and i was so mortified i panicked and ran to my car and started freaking out. later to realize it probably wasnt that big of a deal. Goddamn I need to chill out, what is wrong with me?! I'm easily uncomfortable.


To make it clear, I'm not particularly scared of rejection because I am good looking and I know I can get most men, the focus wasn't on my low self esteem, but rather on my abrupt lack of judgment panicking freaking out etc when its not a big deal.

Update 2:

I'm very very happy with my outside very much, which is why im confused, perhaps its an inner issue or anxiousness.

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    It just sounds like you are a little self-conscious I wouldn't worry about it. When I was in high school, I couldn't even talk to a cute guy without my face turning red as a tomato and sweating like a pig. I started to figure out that almost everyone is worried about what other people are thinking about them, they just don't show it. Don't worry too much though, you are normal!

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    Well my seems you put yourself under pressure and are stressed thereby... Whether it's anxiety or a lack of self confidence....only a professional could make such a diagnosis..

    I would suggest, you get some counseling with a therapist -or- Psychologist, who will be able to help you with your discomfort ! Don't be "afraid" of consulting a Psychologist, because I am sure, he/she'll be able to help you with your "uneasiness" !!!

    I wish you all the best for the future ! Greetings from Germany with all my love & care....Annette***


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    you are an easily stressed person, for the reason i think you have a very low self esteem!

    go work on bringing up your self image, its worth it! you got to be happy what you are!

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