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If I get married well on leave for X-mas [army] do we get B.H.A well i go back to I.A.T.?

we are getting a condo and we are trying to get things put together money wise

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    Well it just depends. If you get all your paperwork in and done correctly, then your BAH should start the month after. But it's always different, that's how it SHOULD be. You'll just have to ask someone you know or a higher up that's done that before.

    Source(s): Brother in the USMC Fiance in th USN
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    im a military wife listen carefully plz i beg u me and my hubby got married 3yrs ago and we had nothing he was already signed up army and statione din germany so we though i would just fill the paperwork out then go when it got excepted not the case i wasnt able to i wasnt in the contract when he sign up which u have signed up and its up to them to let your girl go they dont have to let her go i have went threw a deployment and 2yrs of him being in germany we have been together 4months of 36months it would have been way easier to date him then to be married to him ( u get a higher level of love when married) if she loves u she will stay with you just like i stayed with my hubby but i would just get engaged so she knows you are going to marry her it will keep her from cheating when your gone and it puts you love to test so you would be able to find out if she truly loves u before marrying her but if you do get married you would get bha (thats to cover power etc.)its going to be shitty but you would live in there housing because they will provide it i get it because they didnt let me come over so they have to provide me with it i get more then some one livin near base also when you get out of ait and get stationed where ever you will be at bottom of the pole you will get paid like 1200 month plus yes u get clothing allowance but it not enough we usually end up spending 600 extra on clothing px rips you off dont go there and if you r stationed over seas you will not be able to pay for it euro is so high its not funny to eat at mcdonalds for one is like 17 dollars my advise for the two of you all is wait till you het higher rank and you enlist again so she can be on contract put your self on a spending limit every 15 days so you can save save as much possible im only saying this bc i beeen there dont it me and my hubby got married after he got stationed n germany i dont regret it that would b awful but we both now we shouldd have waited let her finish college if she is in etc. just get engaged good luck wish you all the best if you wont to ask me anything else email me at wmonastb@yahoo.com also army isnt what u think it is they ^uckin lie

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