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Isn't tuna a good christmas gift to a big kitten?

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    Only if you want to kill it. Tuna is actually VERY bad for cats - read the link below.

    A better gift would be time with you spent playing with it. Buy tinsel/feather wands, Da Bird of the Cat Catcher toy - cats LOVE to play with toys that their owners make move!

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    I read the link that Percy posted, it seems a bit biased. It seemed anti-meat in its presentation. I've always understood that it was not something that you give your cat all the time, but from your question it seems like it's not a very typical treat for your cat. I would never want to give advice that would hurt a cat in anyway, but I don't think it'd be a problem to give your cat tuna on occasion. If you're worried about it, call up the vet, it'd take about 1 minute to get an answer, and they're not going to charge you anything.

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    In small amounts when it gets older. Tuna doesn't have the fat content kittens need... and if you give tuna to a kitten, that kitten will stick it's nose up to any other type of wet cat food when older.

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    Yes in small quantities.If it is a young kitten because it is more sensitive give it light foods such as chicken or dry good quality foods.Cats like also fresh fish which is a perfect choice

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    I don't know about Tuna, I'm getting my cats a LitterMaid cat box for Christmas...okay, okay so it's more for me...but I'm not gonna tell THEM that! :oD

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