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What was the punishment for heresy in the middle ages?? answer plz :(?


like what would they use to torture them?

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    Burning at the stake after being tested first. Some people were allowed to be on house arrest if they denounced what they said or did against the church such as Galeleo when he had to take back his ideas that the Earth was orbited by another planet sphere and not the center of the universe.

    Other times "Gods" men would burn whole villages and torch the buildings because the people were not "Christian" enough as directed by the church (really it was a land grab by the leaders disguised as religious).

    One of the tests was to strap a woman to a dunking log and put her under water. If she lived she was a witch and then she was burned. I can't remember any more off hand, but the tests were always high risk and if you were successful at not dying you were declaired a witch and killed.

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    Heretics as they where called were burned at the stake

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    torture and death

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