And good jobs in Christchurch, New Zealand for 14 year olds?

I'm 14 and pretty mature for my age but I need a Summer holiday job. I know its really hard for 14 year olds to get a job but any help will be appreciated. Anything (maybe except online jobs) will be appreciated.

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    Most supermarkets will have you. I'm sorry you probably won't get anything much better as you are so young but if you work in a supermarket for a good year or two you'll have the experience necessary to put on your CV and get a better job. Places like New World, Fresh Choice and Countdown are nicer supermarkets to work in but you're more likely to get a job at PakNSave, they'll hire anybody lol (not that I'm saying you're just anyone as I'm sure you're lovely). I know it sounds degrading to work at a supermarket but no one will judge you, you're young and making your own money and that's awesome.

    I'm answering from experience here, I live in Christchurch and my first real job was at a supermarket. Having worked somewhere else since I wouldn't go back but I made some good friends while working there and I had fun while I was doing it.

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    the criminal age to artwork is sixteen so which you wont have the means to get a job in kennels, shops or waitressing at 14. the only issues you're able to do is a paper around, babysitting or favors/choirs for acquaintances.

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