I haven't had my period in a while, what's going on?

I am 18 years and have been on the depo shot (while on this most women don't get their period at all) for birth control since I was probably 16 and I loved it since I didn't get my period. I got it at Health Start which is a clinic in our school where I could get the shot for free. I am 18 now and have since graduated from high school, since I no longer have health insurance I got off the shot and was expecting to get my period a month later but I never got it. It has been about six months now and still nothing. I eat healthy and don't exercise too often. I have however been stressed with college and moving into a new apartment since my dad has kicked me out but I read an article that said that there wasn't a very strong connection between psychological stress and a menstruation cycle. Since I still have no health insurance I would rather not go to a doctor but if it is something serious I would like to know if I have to go.

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    DepoVera is the worst form of birth control in my opinion. You never know what's going to happen to your body once taking it. Unusual menstrual cycles, obesity, thinness, hormones going haywire. Honestly you never know. Of course it's convenient tho, but at what cost....I suggest to use a oral birth control form. I personally love YAZ. Ive used many forms of birth control and thats the best one ive ever found. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    Now as for your period problems. Depo has been known to mess up peoples cycles so bad that is actualy stops it for a year. It happened to my sister. She gained over 200 lbs from it also. Even after she stopped using it she still has abnormal periods and sometimes misses it for over 3 months straight. Missing your period is so horrible on your body and it will contribute to osteoporosis later on in life. So make sure your taking care of your body.

    Anyways talk to your doctor about all of this, I know it sucks but in the long run it will help you. And try the women's clinic, ITS FREE. So you cant blame it on money issues. lol NO EXCUSES GET IN AND GET CHECKED OUT.


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