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Is rowing a cause of back pain?

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    No. Overworking or injuring the muscles in your back is the "cause" of back pain, and proper rowing form shouldn't cause injury unless maybe you have some kind of medical condition. That being said, its much more likely you're doing it wrong and don't have a medical condition.

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    1 decade ago

    If you learn how to row properly and know how to complete a correct stroke and if you have a good position (e.i straight back) in the boat it shouldn't cause pain.

    From time to time you will get stiff shoulders, but it depends how hard you train. If you do a hard rowing session make sure you stretch and if its really sore or stiff, try going for a swim the next day.

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    It could be if done wrong, probably though if you have a prior injury it is aggravating it. I have a bad back and I find that the exercise is very helpful to mine, only trying to put the boat in the water is hard.

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