Anyone TTC with PCOS?

If so what have you done, or how long did it take you?


TTC= Trying to Concieve

Just wondering what you're doing to concieve. If you've already done it how long and how?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ohhhh... Well, I have PCOS, and two children already. There are several options such as clomid (which may produce a few babies at once)... Wedging of the ovaries can help to stop the cysts, and drop a few eggs for fertilization, however, it can also cause scar tissue, and may not result in pregnancy. You can go invitro if you have some viable eggs available, it's pricey, and may take a few attempts. Drilling can help to remove some of the cysts, to make way for the healthy eggs to drop, but carries the same problem as the wedging. I did the wedging because I had a cyst that caused a torsed ovary, and upon release from the hospital, I took the clomid and was pregnant within the month. Depending on how advanced the condition is, the process can be long and drawn out, but start with the least invasive regiment first, because east surgical procedure can produce scaring and lessen your chances for a healthy pregnancy in the future.

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    My wife has pcos. We had a hard time getting pregnant. We tried fertility blend and it worked for us within three months. You can find it on line

    I would also suggest looking around on line. You might be able to find better prices, and testimonials from others who have tried it. It works but I have heard stories that some people had problems and it didn't work for them. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    i have pcos but what is ttc

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