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20 weeks pregnant - hearing the heart beat?

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and last night my husband put his ear to my bump and said he heard baby's heart beat. He then listened to my heart beat and said he could hear the difference in the two. It will be fantastic is this is right. Would he be able to hear it this early?

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    Could be but there is no telling if he was actually listening to your heart! He could have just been excited and didn't want to disappoint himself in the fact that you really can't tell between the two sometimes! Doctors are trained to know the difference! Thus why those baby Doppler devices you can by are discouraged by most OB's! Good luck!

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    yes he can hear it...if he listening closly enough.

    Listening for the heartbeat without amplification

    Starting at about 20 weeks, the heartbeat can be heard without Doppler amplification. A special stethoscope called a fetoscope can be used, or the bell (concave) side of a regular stethoscope can be pressed firmly onto your abdomen. The heartbeat is best heard over the baby's back, which often seems firm when you feel around on the uterus. If you are overweight or if the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus, it may be difficult to hear the fetal heart by stethoscope. It gets easier later in the pregnancy.

    putting a stethoscope on the belly and putting your ear right up to it if basically the same thing..stethoscope is just a sound amplification really

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    no, he cant

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