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Is Ballet ok for how old I am?

I am 20, I have always wanted to try ballet but my parents thought differently. Is it ok to start now or should I just hire a ballet teacher

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    I say if u really want to do this,then DO IT.There will always be ppl who go against it,or parents who dont support the arts because its not a guaranteed career and etc but I didnt let that stop me and neither should u.


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    Yes, you're never too old to start dance! Don't hire some privet teacher because that would probably just be a wast of money. Find a good local dance studio and ask about ballet classes, they should have adult beginner classes that you could enroll in or if your school offers dance you could start there too. good luck!

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    it's fine to start now.

    i think you can join a class instead of hiring a private teacher.

    try joining a beginner's class first but if you feel up to it you can skip a few grades.

    don't jump too many grades though, as you'll need to learn the basic technique first. maybe you can try jumping to grade 3.

    the styles vary with the grades (for example in grade 6 we dance romantic ballet)

    don't worry you're never too old to learn!

    and have fun! ballet rocks!

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    No worries at all bro!

    You're still young to take ballet lessons.

    ANy types of dancing is for everyone of any age.

    There's no age limit especially if you really want to learn it then,go ahead.

    Don't let anyone stop you to do what you want.

    Starting now or hiring a teacher,either way,it's ok.

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    you are never too old to start something new! you should go for it if it is something you want to do!! my mom always wanted to do ballet as a kid but her parents wouldnt let her. she decided to start when she was 40 and still takes weekly classes.

    if i were you i would find a beginners class (if you are in college im sure there is a class at your school) and sign up. dont waste money on a private teacher.

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    your never to old to dance..if it is something u really want to do and have a passion 4 then go for it, your not to old, however you may feel a ble at first going into a class so u could have private lessons with just you and the teacher or go into an adults ballet class, you will fit right in

    hope this helps

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    Yes! Ballet is a very good exercise and if you really want to, and are determined to, Ballet is really good for any age, as long as you have tenacity. Go for It!

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    Yes, my parents once saw this lady that was 60+ in a tutu at the gas station.

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    go for it even though walking into a class you might feel a little out of place but stay confident

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