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Why do my two kittens have loose stool?

I have had them for about a month now and about a week after i got them they both started having loose, runny stool. i know this is pretty gross but its like the consistency of pudding and it smells really bad. I feed them Nutro max cat kitten dry and canned food but when they started having the bowel problems i stopped giving them the wet food for about a week now but there still has been no change and it even seems to be getting worst! I adopted them from a Petsmart rescue center and they have been dewormed and have had all of their shots, however i heard that they can pick up worms again from playing in the cat litter. Other than the poo problem they are very healthy and active 6 month old kitties and they love to play and run and jump and their appetite and drinking is just fine so they do not seem to be sick otherwise. I was wondering if it might be the food or possibly worms or if its something more serious? I just want my kitties to be ok. Thank you all in advance for your help :-)


i am aware that most cats are lactose intolerant and i have never given them any milk or milk product so i'm pretty sure that can't be the problem.

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    They may be lactose intolerant. Do not give them milk. At all. Choose Iams cat food, if you can afford to.

    Or cook them chicken and white fish!

    Ask the AMRT for help, that's why you have a contract with them, and good luck.

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    Have they been de-wormed? Worms can cause terrible diarreha in young kittens. Milk can cause it too believe it or not! Alot of people think that milk is good for cats but actually most cats are lactose intolerant and this causes them gasiness, cramps, diarreha, etc. I have a kitten who goes crazy for milk so I give her cream instead only once or twice per week (it has less lactose than milk) and she seems to do okay with that.

    Source(s): I have 6 cats!
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    I would say try changing their food, my kitten is now 5 months old and she had the same problem about a month ago.

    You said that when you stopped feeding them the wet food, the diarrhea seemed to get worse, so maybe the dry food is the problem?

    Change their food to another brand, specifically for kittens.

    If it continues to worsen, take them to the vet.

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    You need to be worming them more often, Now they are 6mths you need to worm them every 3 mths. You need to take them to a vet young cats can get very sick fast with loose stool.

    Source(s): Vet nurse
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    My kitten has the same problem. They need to go to the vet so they can get medicine.

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    If they seem healthy otherwise, it might be they are simply trying to adjust to a new diet. It's probably richer than they are used to.

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