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how many women are late to ?

I was about an hour late to my own wedding due to my in laws, my brother and a limo screw up! we've been married for about 6 months and he continues to bring up that it was my fault i was late. not only does he publicly tell everyone i was late he also told me that our wedding day was the worst day ever due to the ball of nerves he was and that i screwed everything up by being late! I need to know how many women are usually late to their weddings?? thanks for the help

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    Hey, stuff happens. Don't sweat it. I was 5yrs late. I didn't show up.

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    I'd freak if I were late. I'd call a cab before being late to my own wedding. I've never attended a wedding where anyone was late.

    That aside. Is it possible that your husband is joking/teasing and its just not coming out that way and it hurts your feelings? Or is he genuinely holding this against you? Obviously its not that bad since he did go through with the ceremony.

    On the flip side, how would you have felt standing around for an hour before your wedding? Possibly having to deal with guests asking if there is a 'runaway bride' situation? I can't imagine it was pleasant for him.

    I do think you just need to clear the air.

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    I think you both need to get on the phone and talk to Dr. Laura. She's a counselor on KFI AM 640 from noon to three. I don't think he's being fair with you. He sounds immature. You're probably not telling him what he wants to hear. Maybe he just needs a kiss on the cheek and an "I'm sorry, you're right" kinda answer. But otherwise looking into annulling the marriage. Easy for me to say I know. Good luck girl. You deserve better. BTW, it doesn't matter about other people's weddings, or being late, or anything. It only matters what happened between you and him. No one else matters. He won't be satisfied even if you tell him hundreds of stories that would make you look good. He is set on what he thinks and loves being right more than he loves you.

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    Your husband is being a baby.

    I've never been to a wedding that started on time. It was mostly due to traffic, or the bride's hair apppointment ran longer, pre pictures took too long, etc.

    Next time he brings up that it's your fault, calmy mention that HIS parents were part of the reason too so if he wants to ***** at someone he can pick up the phone and call mom and dad.

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    does he know what happened and if so he just need to let it goo stuff happens prob he does it bc u do nothing else wrong that is the only thing he has against u but i tell my hubby that his mom screwed up our wedding bc she interupted our first dance ive brought it up mayb 5times been married 3yrs and he tells me we will renew our vows and u get a new one but it was our first dance i cant have another but its not a big deal it prob just worried hm u werent coming think about it when he brings it up dont say nothing he wont be gettin a reaction and after awhile he will stop

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    You being late isn't the problem. The fact the two of you can't get past this is the problem. Either you need to have a heart to heart talk and explain to him that the subject is still "raw" because he won't let it heal, or maybe you could pinch him him everytime he mentions it. ;-) I don't' recommend the later, although it would be fun!

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    I don't think we can really help you here. Your husband is being a PITA, and the fact that he chose to marry you after you were "late" indicates it wasn't a dealbreaker for him.

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