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I have 1.5 GB of RAM yet when I only run one program I get memory errors. How can I fix this?

Rendering in After Effects causes the whole program to crash with a memory read error. Closing all the programs I'm not using doesn't help, either.

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    You are better off with 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM.

    You always must have 2 of the same or 4 of the same when you have enough slots to put it in. That means 2 x 1 GM, or 1 x 2, 4 x1 or 1 x 4. but never like in your case 1GB and 512MB. That does not work well together. When you run xp 2GB should be enough, when you have Vista I would indeed upgrade to 4GB.

    Because you have 2 different RAMS your will have memory errors.

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    Sounds like a bad RAM module as the first answer said run memtest. Its not that your computer has not got enough RAM as if that was the case the program would just page the data to the hard drive therefore just slowing down the computer, no error would show. Also having two different ram modules will just reduce the data rate of the ram, it would not cause errors.

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    i individually juste offered a computing gadget that meets your specs. It comes with 1GB RAM, and 256 shared video RAM and Vista domicile. i individually think of it is going to gradual for the specs it has. Vista consumes particularly some materials. that's extra graphically extensive than XP. If i grow to be you i'd get the two extra RAM, committed Video, or run XP. i'm making plans in installation XP in mine. individually i think of Vista is basically too new for use. MS consistently releases its products with a million bugs, i'd wait 0.5 a 12 months to apply it.

  • Jamal
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    1.5GB is not a good set up of RAM because you are not getting the benefits of dual channel technology wherein the bandwidth of the memory bus doubles.

    Please install 1GB of RAM as 2 X 512MB in alternate slots(1&3 or 2&4) if you have 4 DIMM slots on the M/B

    or install 2GB of RAM as 2 X 1GB in alternate slots---these slots are color coded for ease of installation

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.5GB unfortunately for you isn't the best RAM.

    You should at least have 4 GBs of RAM. By the way, you should get a new ram.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you may have a bad memory module - run memtest and see if it comes up with errors.

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