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How do i get to Encino, CA from Huntington Beach, CA?

I'm from south africa flying to california for a job interview and holiday. I'm staying in huntington beach, CA near a friend and need to travel to Encino for my interview but i have no idea how to get there and don't want to inconvenience my friend by asking her to drive me.


Are there any bus or trains that i may take?

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    Sure, you can use public transit to make the trip however this is a long distance and will take some time. Since you didn't list exact streets I'll give you some general information & options. Starting from Huntington Beach you could use OCTA express bus #701 which begins at the Huntington Center Mall area and travels into Downtown LA during weekday rush hours only. From Downtown LA take a LADOT express bus #422 or 423 to Encino. Another option is to use the Metrolink rail system which has stations nearby to Huntington Beach at Irvine & Tustin & Santa Ana which can be reached by taking a local OCTA bus from Huntington Beach. Once on the Metrolink Train ride to LA Union Station then take a MTA Red Line subway to Universal City Station and finally a MTA Rapid bus #750 to Encino. I'll list links for these various systems below. Good Luck!

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    South of the 405 freeway, in Southern California. Ex: Lake Forest, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Laguna/Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Fountain Valley, Newport, Irvine, Aliso Viejo. NOTE: Most or a lot of Los Angeles is a busy and crowded city. There are some nice cities packed in and around L.A. though.

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    Mapquest directions from Encino to Huntington

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    You could take a bus, ask your friend to take you to a Greyhound station or to the Amtrak train station and get a bus or train there but if you're there for the first time, maybe it's better to ask her to drive you there, so you wont get lost.

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