Does anyone know the lab test results for S. cholerasuis and P. mirabilis? Plz help me...10 points for best!?

I do not have the Bergey's manual book where it shows the results for it gelatin hydrolysis, glucose fermentation, urea, nitrate, h2s production, indole and oxidase.

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    For P. mirabilis

    The micro-organism tests are :

    • Indole negative and Nitrate reductase positive (no gas bubbles produced)

    • Methyl Red positive and Voges-Proskauer negative

    • Catalase positive and Cytochrome Oxidase negative

    • Phenylalanine Deaminase positive

    Gram stain: negative

    Cell shape: bacillus

    Oxygen requirements: facultative anaerobe

    Other: Very actively motile; exhibit swarming behavior - form concentric rings as they spread across the surface of agar plates.

    Habitat: Human intestinal tract, soil, water, plants

    Pathogenicity: These organisms usually do not grow well in the intestinal tract but can act as opportunistic pathogens causing infant diarrhea and cause approximately 29% of all urinary tract infections (due to proximity of urethra to anal canal). They have also been associated with wound infections due to direct contact.

    Treatment: ampicillin and aminoglycosides

    These bacteria have also been associated with food spoilage in fresh meat, poultry and seafood probably due to improper handling. They can utilize both aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration pathways. For anaerobic pathways, they can use nitrate and sulfur as the final electron acceptors.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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