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Indian ringneck help needed!!?

ok well i really need help here,its confusing.

well i got a 3 year old female indian ringneck about 4 weeks ago now from someone. she is handreared from a baby and was a very nice bird when i met her.

now this started a few days after i got her. i got her to keep my male happy. they were in seperate cages and now i have moved him into a different room. first off she attacks him.

the main thing is the fact that she attacks me aswell, but only my hands, i have never hit her,i give her apples and all kinds of fruit, i give her new food and change here water heaps but she still bites my hands. she has no problem with covered hands or anything like that though and will sit on my shoulder quite happily. and a very unusual thing is that when other bigger people come into my room(i am only 14) she is very very nice to them and doesnt bite them, and for some reason she doesnt bite me either, but after about a minute when they have left she is back to normal biting my hands if i get too close. i really need help please it is really hard to handle and is very stressful with my exams and stuff.

By the way i have had quite a few birds before so i am not a beginner .

Thanks for your help if i get any it is really appreciated and needed :)


BY the way im talking about the bird biting me right now, not her biting my male. but thanks for the info

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    Female Birds can be very aggressive, or want to breed.

    My lovebird is a female and killed the male bird because she kept losing eggs with him.

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    As mentioned previously Indian Rednecks are less cuddly than some other parrot species but clearly your bird sees his cage as a security blanket-he needs to feel secure with you. For one thing he should be clipped (wings) its a painless procedure that is essential not only for training but to prevent injury and escape-especially in warm climates or summer the #1 tragedy is escape out doors and an independent species like IRN isnt easily reclaimed,,the second dangers of free flight are stoves,toilets,mirrors a bird who can fly and gain height is dominate over its owner-he is young now but you must assert YOUR dominance in the bird/human relationship otherwise he can develop unwanted behaviors- diving at people,biting,screaming good luck be patient but firm and clip those wings-at least for training(they grow back)-have your vet or local petstore do it

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    Dont feed her for at least 8 hrs.. let her stay like that and try to fill her food plate and water while she is watching... try it really works cause then she would realize that u r her only hope... and about the problem with yo male ....... just hang the two cages close to each other... let them be like that for weeks and c the results... if the male is making romantic sounds means he wants her....

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    it might just be that she has been abused by people of your age in the past, ones that behave in the presence of adults. be patient with her, in time she should settle down. My fiance's cockatoo eventually did and I can now even hand feed her!

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    its breeding season you need to keep the two ringnecks apart if you dont want them to breed...

    and if she doesnt want to breed with the male, she might kill him, so the safest bet is to keep them apart

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