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Whats a really soft teddy bear I can get for my girl friend for xmas?

I didn't want one that was really rough cause I want her to be able to sleep with it

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    If you can put together a teddy bear yourself, it won't matter if it's soft or rough! She'll sleep with it everyday cuz she'll think it's SO sweet!! <33

    If you can't make one, Go to the nearest Target (or any other store) and buy a teddy for her. There's bound to be something there for her :) But I would go to a store where she wouldn't go so she doesn't find out where you got it from. If you want, you can check out these sites:


    -- you can personalize and gift wrap a teddy! :D


    -- unique bears made by other people


    --cheap and cute! :)

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    Take her to build a bear work shop like 3 or 5 dayz be4 xmas.

    it may sound like a kids store

    But i went there wen i was 8 and im 15 and i want 2 go back.

    She will love it!!!

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    Aw, thats really cute. Shes lucky. Just look around. Toy stores. whatever. just feel it...

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    Try this.There are really cute and soft teddy bear


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