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Dimensions of an area?

A rectangle has an area of 154^2. It's length is 3 feet longer than its width. I know that Area= LW ,and have set up the problem as such:



154^2= x(x+3)

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    Use these two formulas in your solution:

    1) LW = 154^2

    2) L=W+3

    Now, substitute W+3 for L in equation one.


    Now, distribute the W.


    Now, subtract 154^2 from both sides


    Now, factor the equation.


    I'm not sure what the exact numbers are that fill in the __'s but from there you separate the two equations and work with the (W-__)=0 and solve for W. Then, you take that answer and plug it into the L=W+3 equation to find L. Hope I helped!

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