how would you rank the engineer discipline in difficulty in college? ?







10pts to who ever ranks them

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I rank mechanical at the top. It is because it is the major field which requires lot of design procedures that are complex in nature.

    Electrical is at the 2nd. It needs rather simpler designs and there are lot of alternatives available in this field. Large capacity of introducing new alternatives. But is also a broader field.

    Chemical is at the 3rd level. Troubleshooting is easy and chemicals combination is a tough task that is relatively difficult than other remaining fields.

    Aerospace is a combination of these fields like mechanical electrical and chemical. Solutions can be found in the these separate fields and can be implemented in this field. It is dependant on these separate fields. Ranked 4th

    Petroleum, from my point of view, is also a secondary field. I rank it 5th.

    Computer is the easiest. It can be learned as a side engineering. Lots of solutions can be found in every logic. Everybody can learn it easily by sitting in a company. Even i have learned lots of languages. I ranked it 6th..

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    I go to a big ten powerhouse engineering school and here it ranks:

    1) Architecture E (I know its not on your list but just adding)

    2) Electrical

    3) Petroleum

    4) Chemical (My major)

    4) Aerospace

    5) Mechanical

    I personally don't know about Computer Engineering... I know its very hard but they don't talk with people much so I have no idea.

    It really depends on the strengths of the programs but in general this is what I've seen/heard throughout the big ten. Don't get me wrong, all are still very difficult and will require a lot of work.

    The 3-5 rankings could really be interchangeable Aerospace and Chem E are drastically different but both are really specialties of Mech E

  • 1 decade ago

    I find that studying something i´m interested in is easier than studying boring crap. So i would just list this after interest.

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