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credit check for buying a phone question?

My friend is planning to buy the new blackberry storm this friday. We were told that you can use a debit card to pay for your bills, but people say they need to do a credit check when you purchase the phone and the plan = you need a credit card? The guy at verizon told us himself that they can use our debit card so they can do a credit check on it?! Is that even possible? Also, my friend is not going to get a debit/credit card until tomorrow, therefore, either way he won't really have a credit history? He's 18. What's the solution to this?

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    A credit check has nothing to dow ith what bank card you have whether it be a credit or debit card. credit checks, look into your whole financial records. They will look at what his history with his bank is like, if he has an overdraft - how much is used and does he pay it back regularly or does he use the overdraft to live on. They check to see whether he's always made payments on time, even if its for a magazine subscription. The card type will not affect therm doing a credit check. And a credit card is not needed to do one either, a credit card is just another card but where your using money that isn't yours where a debit card is your money. He'll be able to use the debit card to pay the bill for his phone, if he doesn't have a credit history at all he will be lucky to get a contract phone, getting a phone use to be the easiest way to get credit but after people were spending and spending and not pying there bills, the phone companies started doing credit checks. so all in all, your friend can be credit checked only having a debit card but with no history he'll be lucky to receive a phone.

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    Because the cell phone company wants some assurance that your friend will reliably satisfy the monthly payments of the contract they'll pull a credit report. The fact that he/she doesn't have an established credit history won't likely impede your friend from getting approved. It's negative history (delinquencies and payment defaults) that are what the company is most concerned about. I'm willing to bet things will be fine.

    Some additional info, FWIW: A credit check can be performed on anyone. If there's no history, the report simply comes up blank. Also, having a debit card doesn't establish a credit history; only credit products do that.

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